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About Us

The American Publishing House (TAPH) is a global independent publisher. TAPH disseminates the latest research across the broad fields of science, engineering and technology; management, public and business administration, environment, ecological economics and sustainable development; computing, ICT and internet/web services, and related areas.

Our Aim

We aim at mapping new frontiers in research, facilitated by the use of all new technology and other innovations. In this way, we ensure our commitment on delivering the best quality in our content and all other services. Also, we strive to provide an interactive medium for the experts, academicians and the practitioners of any subject to come together to share their knowledge, and help in guiding the learners. We, further, provide a comfortable platform for all to publish their research works to serve as references for others.

Publishing policies

At TAPH, we have made the process of publication more systemic and easier. We follow the general rules and regulations regarding publication. For achieving this, we follow certain guidelines as follows

  1. We accept and publish articles written by eminent scholars of a particular field.
  2. We provide the article in its entirety and support it with illustrations or other reference, wherever necessary.
  3. We ensure a publication that will foster the love of learning.
  4. We also provide articles regarding the new developments or important information in a particular field that our readers should know about.

TAPH endorses the Code of Conduct and Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors published by COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics).

Author related policies

The American Publishing House has certain specific policies designed for the authors who wish to publish their articles with us. We ensure the authors the best quality publication of their articles. Scholars from any field of research can submit their papers. The topic, subject or area of research is not a bar. We provide scholars with an option to submit their articles online sans any publication fees. High-quality articles submitted in accordance to the academic and professional protocols are always welcomed. We ensure the submission process to be efficient and smooth. After submissions, if the paper gets accepted, our experienced staff will work with you to ensure your paper to become a quality publication. We endeavour to render a peaceful publication experience to the authors, by assuring the copyrights to be retained by the author.

Easy to Access

We are a publishing house that is easy to access. We are always open to any correspondence from your side. We are open to any kind of feedbacks, analysis, comments, complaints or suggestions from your side. It would assist us to enhance our productivity and to give our readers better quality resource.