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Publish With Us

We ensure that one’s experience of publishing with The American Publishing House (TAPH) is satisfactory and good. Hence, we lay maximum emphasis on quality. We have a mission to produce the best quality material for research purposes at a global level. We strive to highlight the best researches undertaken in various fields and present it to our readers on a single platform. Also, the articles published with us have a benefit of being published free of charge. In addition to this, we serve our publications in both-printed and online format, for easier accessibility and with a vision to reach to a wider range of readers. Thus, we assure the authors to render them the support for publishing high quality, thoroughly reviewed and easily accessible publications that have visibility and reach that is needed.


Publication process at TAPH is carried out in an absolutely ethical manner. We abide by the rules laid down by COPE. We have a systematic approach of functioning. We have a set of rules that we follow to accept the proposals and convert them into publications. All the proposals received by us undergo a rigorous assessment process, where the experts refine the content prior to publication. Also, our experts take proper care to avoid any sort of plagiarism in the content that we publish. Once, the experts refine the content, only then the proposals go for getting published. Also, we correspond to the authors to keep them updated regarding the status of their proposal. Once, the proposal gets converted to a publication, we lay it open for the readers in the printed as well as online format.

  1. We constantly upgrade our policies and functioning according to the latest technological developments, to ensure the best standards.
  2. We ensure the availability of our publications in major libraries and with booksellers.

At TAPH, we follow an author-centric approach of functioning. We work hand-in-hand with our authors to provide the best quality and standards and to make the publication process simpler. Supporting our authors in publishing their works is one of the major factors in our priority list. We focus on providing efficient material to our authors and readers. We provide a global platform for the publications by making them open source and freely available online.


The American Publication House has a strong global marketing and sales committee working out worldwide. We have a range of marketing activities that includes internet marketing, advertising in various publications, sending book reviews, direct mailing of promotional materials, working with booksellers and sales representatives worldwide, participating in international book fairs and conferences, and collaborations with various authors. All these marketing activities can be described as follows:

  1. Direct Mailing of Promotional Materials

We have a system of mailing a large number of promotional materials to our mailing lists, every year. Our mailing lists include our customers, researchers, lecturers, booksellers, librarians, etc, worldwide. We send various promotional materials like, catalogues of annual books, textbooks, main subject, and specialized subject. It also includes advanced information of various books and individual book flyers.

  1. Sending Reviews and Advertising in various Publications

Not only do we give our authors the access to our reviewer database, but we also work closely with them to send the review copies of their books and place advertisements in relevant journals and magazines.

  1. Participating in International Book Fairs and Conferences

The American Publication House actively participates in major international book fairs and conferences, held across the globe. Also, we display the relevant books and/or promotional catalogues on our website, during such events.

  1. Working with Booksellers, Librarians and Sales Representatives worldwide

Our sales representatives remain in constant contact with various booksellers and librarians, across the globe, keeping them constantly updated regarding our latest publications and ensure the availability of the sufficient stock with them.

  1. Internet Marketing

We have an internet marketing team that works hard to conceptualize, design, program, and implement new online marketing strategies, on a regular basis. Also, they constantly formulate new strategies to promote our products online and also implement upon those strategies. Our strategies for internet marketing include the following activities:

  1. Uploading your books on all our websites, as soon as it is ready.
  2. Providing sample chapters of your book, as and when available, for the customers to have a feel of your book.
  3. Linking the book page with the author’s website, upon receiving approval.
  4. Highlighting the newly published book on website, during the month of publication.
  5. Providing the information regarding the newly published books to all the leading online booksellers and distributors, like, Amazon, BookData, Ingram, etc.
  6. Announcing the publication of new books in all relevant newsgroups.
  7. Promoting books through subject e-mail newsletters.
  8. Promoting books through our website and e-mail alerts, wherever relevant.
  9. Promoting books through social media, search engines, and/or relevant online portals.
  10. Placing book reviews online, as and when received.
  1. Advertisement Policy

The Advertisements published in the TAPH publications, or placed on TAPH website, are accepted by us on the basis of the legal, social, professional, and ethical considerations. In addition, we also encourage that the advertisement must be in keeping with the generally scholarly and professional nature of the publication.

  • For any further inquiry, query, or assistance, feel free to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.