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Research Integrity

At The American Publishing House (TAPH), we ensure the editorial and review procedure to be of the highest standard, and being carried out regularly, rigorously and with transparency. We ensure all the publications to be processed according to the protocol laid by COPE. The reviewing is conducted by independent peers. Hence, the editorial board and the editors should not act as main reviewers. By doing so, we ensure to achieve the best quality levels.

Anti-plagiarism Checking

All articles submitted to The American Publishing House are automatically screened for plagiarism. All incoming articles are compared to a large database of academic content. This helps identify any potentially plagiarized submissions and prevents such submissions from reaching the Editorial Board. Through these procedures, editors become confident about the originality of the content and minimizing the risk of publishing plagiarized content. Also, such issues are resolved at the earliest through these procedures.

Rigorous Peer review

At TAPH, the Editorial Board has an access to the Committee on Publication Ethics, i.e., COPE guidelines, which is followed by our editors and the Editorial Board during the process of publication. All of our journals adhere to the COPE guidelines for the best outcomes.

Correction Policy

In spite of taking all the care about minimizing the errors in publishing the content, sometimes there can be some errors found which need to be amended. Although editorial routines are applied to avoid any errors, some errors like minor typos, small errors or issues concerning copyright matters or publication ethics can be found sometimes which requires to be amended. Amendments, correction articles, publisher’s notes, retractions or withdrawals need special attention and must be handled with care, for which, TAPH follows the guidelines of COPE regarding the same.

Competing Interests

The American Publishing House is committed to honest and unbiased research. Also, all authors, editors and reviewers are required to declare their interests in compromising, conflicting with or influencing the validity of a publication. Journals should clearly mention information that can otherwise lead to conflicts, like, affiliations, attributions, copyrights, funding information, etc. this is a specifically designed process to retain and reinforce the readers’ trust in the content or data presented to them by TAPH.


The American Publishing House ensures that all the published content is indexed and assigned a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) for reference and for locating the content online. Hence, each reference is available and the content is added to the anti-plagiarism database.